Flow Recovery at Hyrox
march 2023

hyrox chooses flow as their official recovery partner


HYROX is a global fitness event, for everyone. A race in which anyone can compete, no matter your athletic and fitness background. Everyone partakes in the same race which is a mixture of functional and endurance exercises. Athletes can compete within a group, in doubles or by themselves, highlighting how HYROX is accommodating for all fitness backgrounds. 


HYROX chose Flow Recovery to be their official recovery partner as they wanted to work with Digital therapeutics (DTx) specialist that impacts the fitness space whilst also still appealing to a wider demographic. As a company, we encapsulate the ethos of HYROX; it is for everybody, and Flow is a provider of inclusive digital health technology that is for everyone. HYROX chose Flow due to our dedication to providing effective pain relief, especially for their athletes who have just endured an exceptionally difficult competition. 

We are a company focused on pain relief and wellness, something that HYROX are passionate about as a sporting company.  As a company, we also provide as much support for companies like HYROX. We support them with event day education and general education around the importance of recovery for their athletes. We are a health technology brand that they can put their trust in. 

Moreover, exercise has exceptional health benefits, whether that is bettering mental or physical fitness. Exercise is often a great form of pain relief and those who exercise often are less susceptible to joint pain. As a health technology brand, focused on pain relief, our values align significantly with HYROX. Through working together, we are combining the world of fitness with that of health technology and we are the providing pain relief providers of HYROX.